Lessons Learned about Open Source

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Lessons Learned about Open Source

X and UNIX History


What's going on here?

I picked my jaw up off the floor....

The Ages of X History


Prehistory-1983 and before

Ancient Times

X started in June 1984

Development style

Greece - X11 designed and built

Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts!

Foundation of the X Consortium

Imperial Rome

Roman Empire

First was the X11 vs. NeWS War

Second -The Motif vs. Open Look War

Third -PHIGS vs. OpenGL

Final War: CDE (cruddy desktop env.)

Dark Ages

Before the Fall of the Empire...




Modern Times

Open vs. closed source -Historic data

Netcraft web server survey - 6/2000

Why Now?

New Development Methodology - Better, Cheaper, Faster

Development Methodology - Better

Development Methodology - Cheaper

Development Methodology - Faster

Development Methodology - new feedback loops

Development Methodology - Linux example

Development Methodology -faster (2)

New Development Methodology - cultural

Methodology Weaknesses

Conclusions: Interoperability is Job One

Conclusions - Modularity, WiMPyness, and Religion

Life of the Internet

Closing Perspective

Hardware price trends

Where do we go from here?

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Author: Jim Gettys

E-mail: jg@pa.dec.com

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