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WIDE installed several traffic sampling points within the backbone since traffic data has been essential to both network research and operation. However, traffic information tend to be confined to a small set of members, and it is difficult to share detailed information without a framework to support sharing. This leads to the idea of a traffic trace repository in which detailed traffic traces are archived and easily accessible to everyone.

In order to build a traffic trace repository and make good use of traces, we had to solve two problems. One is to create a safety measure for handling traces that include privacy information. The other is automation of the trace acquisition process.

Traffic traces include private information of the network users. Special care is needed to handle traces, and thus, only limited members are allowed to handle raw traces. Still, there is always a risk of accidents when we handle raw traces. Hence, even if traces are available only for limited members, it is important to make traces safe enough to prevent possible accidents. On the other hand, if traces are made free from user privacy, we can make the traces open to the public since WIDE does not need to worry about its impact to stock prices.

Automation of the maintenance process is the other important factor. Collecting traffic traces in a long term needs perseverance, and cannot be achieved unless most of the work are automated. Not only automation of acquisition but also automation of summarization and visualization are essential to maintaining the repository because, if no feedback is given, people tend to run out of energy.

There are strong concerns about security and privacy with regard to making traces publicly available. After a long discussion, we have reached a conclusion that the benefits outweigh the risks. Or, at least, it is worth a challenge.

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Kenjiro Cho