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Sponsored by USENIX, The Advanced Computing Systems Association

Conference Dates:
June 18-23, 2000

June 21-22, 2000

San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina Exhibit Hall
San Diego, California

Dana Geffner
Exhibition Manager
Call: 831.457.8649

Current USENIX 2000 Exhibitors
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ActiveState Tool Corp.

Addison Wesley Longman/New Riders

Advanced Computer and Network Corp.

Alteon Web Systems

America OnLine

Astart Technologies

Attachmate Corporation

Aurora Software, Inc.

Baydel North America

Berkeley Software Design, Inc.

Bluetail AB

Centura Software Corp.

Cisco Systems, Inc.
Virtual Exhibitor

CMP Media

Compaq Computer Corp.

Covalent Technologies, Inc.

DataLynx, Inc.

Dataram Corp.

Eagle Software Inc.

EMC Corporation

ENlighten Software Solutions, Inc.

ESM Services, Inc.

F5 Networks

GNAC, Inc.
Virtual Exhibitor

Hummingbird Communications Ltd

Incognito Software

Industrial Light & Magic

Intel, Corporation
Virtual Exhibitor

Lighthouse Technology

Lineo, Inc.

Linux Journal

Linux NetworX

LSI Logic Storage Systems

Lund Performance Solutions


Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc.

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

The NetBSD CD Project

Network Appliance, Inc.

Network Flight Recorder

Network Storage Solutions

O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.

Open Systems Management Inc.


Overland Data

Perforce Software, Inc.

Prentice Hall PTR

Procom Technology

Red Hat, Inc.

Sendmail, Inc.

Sleepycat Software

Smart Storage

SoftTech Solutions

SteelEye Technology

Stonesoft Corp.

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

SuSE, Inc.

Symark Software

Tadpole -RDI

TechWise Research

Telenet System Solutions Inc.

Tellme Networks, Inc.
Virtual Exhibitor

TeraSolutions, Inc.

Tridia Corporation

UNIX Guru Universe

VA Linux Systems Inc.

Vangard Technology, Inc.

VelociGen Inc.

Western Scientific, Inc.

WireX Communications, Inc.

Zzyzx Peripherals, Inc.

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