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5 Acknowledgments

We would like to thank the many members of the Am-utils developer's list and our co-maintainers for their contributions to the code, recommendations, and comments. Many of them provided us remote and superuser access to different systems so we could compile and test new code on as many platforms as possible. Several people made significant contributions to the code: Ion Badulescu implemented Autofs support and maintains the Linux support in Am-utils, despite the increase in divergence among Linux systems; Randall S. Winchester and Christos Zoulas contributed the initial NFS V.3 code.

Additional thanks go to the anonymous Usenix reviewers and especially Chuck Cranor, Chris Demetriou, and Niels Provos for their valuable comments. This work was partially made possible by NSF infrastructure grants numbers CDA-90-24735 and CDA-96-25374, as well as by an HP/Intel gift number 87128.

To retrieve the Am-utils software, including documentation and the dozens of new M4 macros written for Am-utils, visit

Erez Zadok 2002-04-17