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2002 USENIX Annual Technical Conference, June 10-15, 2002, Monterey Conference Center, Monterey, CA
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Conference Organizers
Program Chair
Carla Ellis, Duke University

Program Committee
Darrell Anderson, Duke University
Mary Baker, Stanford University
Frank Bellosa, University of Erlangen-Nuernberg
Greg Ganger, Carnegie Mellon University
Mike Jones, Microsoft Research
Patrick McDaniel, AT&T Labs--Research
Jason Nieh, Columbia University
Vern Paxson, ACIRI
Elizabeth Shriver, Bell Labs
Christopher Small, Sun Microsystems
Mirjana Spasojevic, Hewlett Packard
Mike Spreitzer, IBM
Amin Vahdat, Duke University

Invited Talks Coordinators
Matt Blaze, AT&T Labs-Research
Ted Faber, USC Information Sciences Institute

FREENIX Program Chair
Chris Demetriou, Broadcom Corp.

FREENIX Program Committee
Chuck Cranor, AT&T Labs­Research
Jim McGinness, Consultant
Craig Metz, Extreme Networks
Toon Moene, GNU Fortran Team
Keith Packard, XFree86 Core Team & Compaq Computer Corp.
Niels Provos, University of Michigan
Robert Watson, NAI Labs & The FreeBSD Project
Erez Zadok, SUNY at Stony Brook

"The Guru Is In" Coordinator
Lee Damon, University of Washington

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