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For fast prototyping and simple deployment, we have implemented AVES for reusable-IP networks as a suite of user-level software on the Linux platform. The three components are (1) the AVES-aware DNS server daemon, (2) the AVES waypoint daemon, and (3) the AVES NAT gateway daemon. To enhance security, data and control messages between the three components are authenticated by including with a message the 16-byte MD5 checksum [22] of the message together with a 16-byte secret key. One secret key is shared between the AVES-aware DNS servers and waypoints while each AVES-aware NAT gateway has a specific secret key. We save the discussion of some safeguarding security features until Section 6.2. In the following, we describe the three individual components, then we report some performance figures. Finally, we describe our current prototype system.