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During Deployment

Current work is being done to make the system accurate on a system with smaller memory. At this point in development, only systems that have a 1GB or more of memory can use our models. The amount of system resources taken for using a model are equivalent to the requirements for training a model. So on a Pentium III 600 Linux box with 1GB of RAM it would take on average 2 minutes 28 seconds per attachment.

The ongoing work we are doing is to make the model small enough to be loaded into a computer with 128MB of RAM without losing more than 5% in accuracy. If this is accomplished then the resources required in CPU time and memory will be notably reduced.

There are other options in making the system perform its analysis faster such as sharing the load over several computers. These options are not currently being explored, but they are open problems that the community should examine. We are primarily concerned with improving the space complexities of the algorithm without sacrificing a significant amount accuracy.

Matthew G. Schultz