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2001 FREENIX Track Technical Program - Abstract

A Universal Dynamic Trace for Linux and other Operating Systems

Richard J. Moore, IBM, Linux Technology Centre


Dynamic Probes (DProbes) from IBM [*] is a generic and pervasive system debugging facility that will operate under the most extreme software conditions with minimal system disruption. It permits debugging of some of the most difficult types of software problem especially those encountered in a production environment that will not readily re-create. It is also an invaluable aid for the developer who has to debug parts of the operating system inaccessible to other technologies. DProbes is a front-end enabler for other debugging technologies, such as crash and core dump s and kernel/user debuggers. It is designed to operate with minimal dependence on the operating system, which affords it the possibility of being ported to other operating systems, especially UNIX [**] variants, but not limited to UNIX as it originated conceptually from Dynamic Trace under OS/2 [*]. This paper describes the latest developments of the DProbes project in particular it use as a tracing tool with the Linux Trace Toolkit project from Opersys [**]. System dependencies are discussed with an emphasis on portability to other Linux H/W platforms as well as other operating systems.
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