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Presentations Given at the
USENIX Windows NT Workshop
August 11-13, 1997
Seattle, Washington, USA

For full text of the refereed papers and abstracts of the poster sessions, see the Technical Program.

Monday, August 11, 1997

Keynote Address:
Windows NT to the Max - Just How Far Can It Scale Up (PowerPoint 6.5Mb) (HTML)
Jim Gray, Microsoft Bay Area Research Center

Mangling Executables

Instrumentation and Optimization of Win32/Intel Executables Using Etch (PowerPoint 57Kb) (HTML)
Ted Romer, Geoff Voelker, Dennis Lee, Alec Wolman, Wayne Wong, Hank Levy, and Brian Bershad, University of Washington, Brad Chen, Harvard University
DIGITAL FX!32 - Running 32-Bit x86 Applications on Alpha NT
Anton Chernoff and Ray Hookway, Digital Equipment Corporation
Spike: An Optimizer for Alpha/NT Executables (PowerPoint 678Kb) (HTML)
Robert Cohn, David Goodwin, P. Geoffrey Lowney, and Norman Rubin, Digital Equipment Corporation
Improving Instruction Locality with Just-in-Time Code Layout (PowerPoint 108Kb) (HTML)
J. Bradley Chen and Bradley D. D. Leupen, Harvard University
Tutorial Session: Available Tools - A Guided Tour of the Win32 SDK, Windows NT Resource Kit, VTune, etc.
K. Sridharan, Intel (PowerPoint 158Kb) (HTML)
Louis Kahn, Microsoft (PowerPoint) (HTML)

Driver Tricks

The RTX Real-Time Subsystem for Windows NT (PowerPoint 125Kb) (HTML)
Bill Carpenter, Mark Roman, Nick Vasilatos, and Myron Zimmerman, VenturCom, Inc.
A Scheduling Scheme for Network Saturated NT Multiprocessors (PowerPoint 282Kb) (HTML)
Joergen Svaerke Hansen and Eric Jul, University of Copenhagen (DIKU)
Coordinated Thread Scheduling for Workstation Clusters Under Windows NT (PowerPoint 708Kb) (HTML)
Matt Buchanan and Andrew A. Chien, University of Illinois
Creating User-Mode Device Drivers with a Proxy (PowerPoint 146Kb) (HTML)
Galen C. Hunt, University of Rochester
Panel Session: Do You Need Source?
Thorsten von Eicken, Cornell University (moderator)
Margo I. Seltzer, Harvard University
Werner Vogels, Cornell University
P. Geoffrey Lowney, Digital Equipment Corp. (PowerPoint 69Kb) (HTML)
Nick Vasilatos, VenturCom, Inc.
Brian Bershad, University of Washington

Tuesday, August 12, 1997

Keynote Address:
What a Tangled Mess! Untangling User-Visible Complexity in Windows Systems (PowerPoint 905Kb) (HTML)
Rob Short, Microsoft Corporation


Measuring Windows NT - Possibilities and Limitations (PowerPoint 98Kb) (HTML)
Yasuhiro Endo and Margo I. Seltzer, Harvard University
Delivery of High Quality Uncompressed Video over ATM to Windows NT Desktop
Sherali Zeadally, University of Southern California
Dreams in a Nutshell (PowerPoint 105Kb) (HTML)
Steven Sommer, Microsoft Research Institute, Macquarie University, Australia
Adding Response Time Measurement of CIFS File Server Performance to NetBench (PowerPoint 316Kb) (HTML)
Karl L. Swartz, Network Appliance
Invited Talks and Panel: Building Distributed Applications - CORBA and DCOM
Carl Hewett, MIT (moderator)
Peter de Jong, Hewlett Packard (PowerPoint 244Kb) (HTML)
Nat Brown, Microsoft (PowerPoint 138Kb) (HTML)

Distributed Systems

Brazos: A Third Generation DSM System
Evan Speight and John K. Bennett, Rice University
Moving the Ensemble Communication System to NT and Wolfpack
K. Birman, W. Vogels, K. Guo, M. Hayden, T. Hickey, R. Friedman, R. van Renesse, and Al. Vaysburd, Cornell University; S. Maffeis, Olsen & Associates

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Parallel Processing with Windows NT Networks (PowerPoint 258Kb) (HTML)
Partha Dasgupta, Arizona State University
OPENNT: UNIX Application Portability to Windows NT via an Alternative Environment Subsystem (PowerPoint 205Kb) (HTML)
Stephen R. Walli, Softway Systems, Inc.
UWIN - UNIX for Windows
David G. Korn, AT&T Laboratories

Demonstrations and Posters

Implementing Security and Mobility Functions in Kernel Drivers
Yoshiyuki Tsuda, Masahiro Ishiyama, Atsushi Fukumoto, Atsushi Inoue, and Ken-ichi Yokoyama, Toshiba Corporation
Millipede: a User-Level NT-Based Distributed Shared Memory System with Thread Migration and Dynamic Run-Time Optimization of Memory References (PowerPoint 398Kb) (HTML)
Ayal Itzkovitz, Assaf Schuster, and Lea Shalev, Technion, Haifa
High Performance Web Servers on Windows NT: Design and Performance
James C. Hu, Irfan Pyarali, and Douglas C. Schmidt, Washington University
IntelliJuke - a Caching Jukebox-Based Storage Server
Yitzhak Birk, Uri Kareev and Mark Mokryn, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Spike: An Optimizer for Alpha/NT Exeuctables
David Goodwin and P. Geoffrey Lowney, Digital Equipment Corporation
An Open Environment for Real-Time Applications
Z. Deng, L. Zhang, and J. Liu, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Wednesday, August 13, 1997

Keynote Address:
Operating System Security Meets the Internet (PowerPoint 122Kb) (HTML)
Butler Lampson, Microsoft
Case Studies: Deep Ports
Ramu Sunkara, Oracle Corporation (PowerPoint 894Kb) (HTML)
Steve Fanshier, NCR Corporation, Top End Product Center (PowerPoint 522Kb) (HTML)
Invited Talks: Windows NT Futures
Frank Artale, Director, Windows NT Program Management, Microsoft
Felipe Cabrera, Windows NT Architect, Microsoft
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