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Abstracts - 12th Systems Administration Conference (LISA '98)

Visualizing Personal Web Caches with Caubview

Charles L. Brooks, GTE Internetworking
Murray S. Mazer, Curl Corporation
Frederick J. Hirsch, The Open Group Research Institute


Caubview is a companion visualizer for the Caubweb system: Caubweb enables a user to create local collection of Web documents to read and update when disconnected. Caubview allows the visual selection of alternative views of the cache as well as reorganizing and restructuring these views.

This paper describes our ongoing work on the Caubweb system, focusing on its visualization component, Caubview. We describe the relationship between these two systems, how we developed Caubview by re-using code from the HistoryGraph application, our results, and our plans for further development. We further describe our experiences using Tcl/Tk as the development language and "programming culture" for these applications, and indicate how ongoing developments in Tcl/Tk have influenced our work. We conclude with some observations concerning our future use of Tcl/Tk, and recommendations for ongoing efforts for the Tcl/Tk community.

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