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Fourth Annual USENIX Tcl/Tk Workshop, 1996

Programming the Internet from the Server-Side with Tcl and Audience1

Adam Sah, Kevin Brown, and Eric Brewer
Inktomi Corporation
Berkeley, California


Although innovations on the World Wide Web are currently dominated by exciting client-side products (ie. Java, VRML, Netscape Plug-Ins, etc.), we believe that there is an equally rich server-side programming opportunity. In this paper, we argue that server- side programming will remain an important part of client-server Web applications. We then argue that server language(s) and client-side languages have very different requirements, and don't have to be the same language.

As a running example, we present Audience1(tm), an end-to-end publishing tool for the World Wide Web, which uses Tcl and MTtcl, a multi-threaded Tcl extension library. Currently, Audience1 is providing web service and mass customization features for the HotBot search engine (a joint venture between Inktomi and HotWired). HotBot can be found at

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