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7th USENIX Tcl/Tk Conference - TCL/2K
February 14-18, 2000
Austin, Texas, USA


Wednesday, February 16

Session Chair: Melissa Chawla, Scriptics Corp.

Rapid CORBA Server Development in Tcl: A Case Study
Jason Brazile and Andrej Vckovski, Netcetera AG

AGNI: A Multi-threaded Middleware for Distributed Scripting
M. Ranganathan, Mark Bednarek, Fernand Pors, and Doug Montgomery, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Introducing QoS Awareness in Tcl Programming: QTcl
Roberto Canonico, Maurizio D'Arienzo, Simon P. Romanao, and Giorgio Ventre, Universitą di Napoli

CollabWiseTk: A Toolkit for Rendering Stand-alone Applications Collaborative
Hemang Lavana and Franc Brglez, North Carolina State University

Testing and Integration
Session Chair: Dave Griffin, SiteScape, Inc.

GDBTk: Integrating Tk into a Recalcitrant Command-line Application
James Ingham, Cygnus Solutions, Inc.

Tcl/Tk: A Strong Basis for Complex Load Testing Systems
Ahmet C. Keskin, Till I. Patzchke, and Ernst vonVoight, Patzschke + Rasp Software AG

Using Tcl to Build a Buzzword-Compliant Environment That Glues Together Legacy Analysis Programs
Carsten H. Lawrenz and Rajkumar Madhuram, Siemens Westinghouse Power Corp.

Thursday, February 17

Web Technologies
Session Chair: Cameron Laird, Phaseit, Inc.

Proxy Tk: A Java Applet User Interface Toolkit for Tcl
Mark Roseman, TeamWave Software, Ltd

The Tcl Web Server
Brent Welch, Scriptics Corp

TkGecko: A Frill-Necked Lizard
Steve Ball, Zveno Pty. Ltd.

Scriptics Connect: An XML Integration Server Based on Tcl
Eric Melski, Scott Stanton, and John Ousterhout, Scriptics Corp.

User Interface and Applications
Session Chair: Dave Beazley, University of Chicago

Supporting Information Awareness Using Animated Widgets
Scott McCrickard and Q. Alex Zhao, Georgia Institute of Technology

Collaborative Client-Server Architectures in Tcl/Tk: A Class Project Experiment and Experience
Franc Brglez, Hemang Lavana, Zhi Fu, Debabrata Ghosh, Lorie Moffitt, Steve Nelson, J. Marshall Smith, and Jun Zhou, North Carolina State University

Scripted Documents
Jean-Claude Wippler, Equi4 Software

Friday, February 18

Extending Core Tcl
Session Chair: Matt Newman, Sensus Consulting Ltd.

The Tcl Extension Architecture
Brent Welch and Michael Thomas, Scriptics Corp.

XOTcl—An Object-Oriented Scripting Language
Gustav Neumann and Uwe Zdun, University of Essen

A Multi-Threaded Server for Shared Hash Table Access
Andrej Vckovski and Jason Brazile, Netcetera AG

Paul Duffin, IBM Corp.


Designing Information Awareness Applications in Tcl/Tk
Q. Alex Zhao and D. Scott McCrickard, Georgia Institute of Technology
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