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Announcement and Call for Papers

USENIX Workshop on Smartcard Technology

May 10-11, 1999
Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Sponsored by USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association, and co-sponsored by CardTech/SecureTech

Important Dates for Refereed Papers

Extended abstracts due: December 1, 1998
Notification of acceptance: January 12, 1999
Final papers due: March 30, 1999

Workshop Organizers

Program Co-Chairs

Scott Guthery, Microsoft Corporation
Peter Honeyman, CITI, University of Michigan

Program Committee

Ron DeLange, Lucent Technologies
Michael Gallagher, Datakey
Peter Gutmann, University of Auckland
Dirk Husemann, IBM
Tim Jurgensen, Schlumberger
Piet Maclaine-Pont, University of Groningen
Markus Kuhn, Cambridge University
Jean-Marc Robert, Gemplus
Doug Tygar, University of California


Although a mature technology in many parts of the world, the smart card is still a little known computing platform in North America. This workshop, the first of its kind in the United States, will bring together researchers and practitioners in the development and deployment of smart card systems and technologies.

The USENIX Workshop on Smartcard Technology will be held in conjunction with the largest North American smart card conference, CardTech/SecureTech. This provides a unique opportunity for smart card researchers and product developers to learn about the state of the art from each other.

The program committee seeks papers describing application and system software that extends the reach of the use of smart cards in systems for authentication, electronic commerce, and secure personal data storage. Submissions across a broad range of smart card development phases are encouraged, from exploratory research and proof-of-concept studies to practical application and deployment of smart card technology.


Of particular interest to the program committee are the following topics:
Application loading
Smart card operating systems
Virtual machines
Integrated development environments
High-speed, small-footprint encryption
Cryptographic accelerators
On-card data sharing schemes
Smart cards in the Internet
Automatic mask generation
Emerging opportunities for standardization
Competing technologies
Alternative form factors for smart card chips
Application program interfaces
Trends in smart card hardware
Research in tamper-resistance
Hardware and software certification
Security testing and benchmarks

Best Paper Awards

Awards will be given for the best paper and best student paper at the workshop.

What to Submit

The program committee will review full papers or extended abstracts. An extended abstract should be 5 manuscript pages (single-sided) or fewer in length. It should represent the paper in "short form." Please include the abstract as it will appear in the final paper. If the full paper has been completed, it may be submitted instead of an extended abstract. Full papers should be limited to 12 single-spaced pages.

Include references to establish that you are familiar with related work, and, where appropriate, provide detailed performance data to establish that you have a working implementation and measurement tools.

The program committee requires that papers not be submitted simultaneously to another conference or publication and that submitted papers not be previously or subsequently published elsewhere. Papers accompanied by so-called "non-disclosure agreement" forms are not acceptable and will be returned to the author(s) unread. All submissions are held in the highest confidentiality prior to publication in the Proceedings, both as a matter of policy and in accord with the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976.

In addition, specific questions about submissions to
the USENIX Workshop on Smartcard Technology may
be made to the program co-chairs via e-mail to

Please read the detailed author guidelines.

Where to Submit

Please email your submission to in any one of the following formats: (please see further details in the detailed author guidelines.
  1. Plain text with no extra markup
  2. Poscript formated for 8.5 x 11" page
  3. Microsoft Word
  4. PDF
  5. HTML
An alternate method of submission is postal mail; you may send 15 copies of your submission to:
Smartcard '99 submissions
USENIX Association
2560 Ninth Street, Suite 215
Berkeley, CA 94710, USA
Telephone: 510 528 8649
A cover letter (in a separate email message to smartcard99submit@usenix) must be included with all submissions, with the following required information:
  1. The title of the paper and the names and affiliations of all authors. (Note: authors' names and affiliations will be known to the reviewers).
  2. The name, email and postal addresses, day and evening phone numbers, and a FAX number if available, of one author who will serve as a contact.
  3. An indication of which, if any, of the authors are full-time students.
All submissions will be acknowledged electronically; you must provide an email address. If you have not received an acknowledgment within 48 hours of submitting your abstract electronically (or the submission deadline, if the submission is early), please contact the program chairs at

Program and Registration Information

Details of the workshop program and registration will be available in early March 1999 at the workshop web site:

If you wish to receive materials in print, please contact:

USENIX Conference Office
22672 Lambert St., Suite 613
Lake Forest, CA USA 92630
FAX: +1-949-588-9706

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