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USENIX Experiences with Distributed and Multiprocessor Systems (SEDMS IV)

September 22 - 23, 1993
San Diego, California

Wednesday, September 22

Opening Remarks: Peter Reiher, UCLA, and David Cohn, Notre Dame

Keynote Address: Is There Life After Microkernels? Prof. Larry Peterson, University of Arizona

Load Distribution and Placement

On the Importance of Parallel Application Placement in NUMA Multiprocessors
Tim Brecht, University of Toronto, Canada
Experiences with Load Distribution on Top of the Mach Microkernel
Dejan S. Milojicic, Peter Giese and Wolfgang Zint, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

Performance Issues

Measuring Lock Performance in Multiprocessor Operating System Kernels
Joseph P. CaraDonna, Noemi Paciorek and Craig E. Wills, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
False Sharing and its Effect on Shared Memory Performance
William J. Bolosky and Michael L. Scott, University of Rochester
Parallel Distributed Application Performance and Message Passing: A Case Study
Nayeem Islam, Robert E. McGrath and Roy H. Campbell, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Implementation Issues in Distributed Shared Memory

Mether-NFS: A Modified NFS Which Supports Virtual Shared Memory
Ronald G. Minnich, Supercomputing Research Center
An Implementation of the Shared Data Formats Standard for Distributed Shared Memories
Maya B. Gokhale and Ronald G. Minnich, Supercomputing Research Center

Thursday, September 23

Impact of Object Technology

Experience Building a File System on a Highly Modular Operating System
Michael N. Nelson, Yousef A. Khalidi and Peter W. Madany, Sun Microsystems Labs., Inc.
Electra - Making Distributed Programs Object-Oriented
Silvano Maffeis, University of Zurich
Experience with Shared Object Support in the Guide System
P.Y. Chevalier, A. Freyssinet, D. Hagimont, S. Krakowiak, S. Lacourte, and X. Rousset de Pina, Bull-IMAG/Systemes, France

Tools for Distributed Computing

Debugging Objects and Threads in a Shared Memory System
L. Gunaseelan and Richard J. LeBlanc, Jr., Georgia Institute of Technology
Performance of Concurrent Servers Generated Automatically from Sequential Servers
David L. Sims, Debra A. Hensgen and Lantz Moore, University of Cincinnati

Language and Run-Time Support

Panda: A Portable Platform to Support Parallel Programming Languages
Raoul Bhoedjang, Tim Ruhl, Rutger Hofman, Koen Langendoen, Henri Bal and Frans Kaashoek, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and MIT
Distributed Shared Abstractions (DSA) on Large-Scale Multiprocessors
Christian Clemencon, Bodhisattwa Mukherjee, and Karsten Schwan, Georgia Institute of Technology
NUMACROS: Data Parallel Programming on NUMA Multiprocessors
Hui Li and Kenneth C. Sevcik, University of Toronto, Canada


The Future of Experimental Distributed Systems Research
Members of the Program Committee

The Prospects for Parallel Programs on Distributed Systems
Michael L. Scott, University of Rochester
The Role of Distributed Shared Memory in Future Experimental Distributed Systems
Brent D. Fleisch, University of California, Riverside
Whatever Happened to Large Packets or Are Tiny Messages Good?
Roy H. Campbell, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Convergence: A Triple Threat or How ATM will Change the World
John Nichol, David. V. Pitts, and C. Thomas Wilkes


Coping with Concurrency in Real Time Groupware
Colin Allison and Mike Livesey, University of St. Andrews, Scotland