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STEL: Secure TELnet

David Vincenzetti, Stefano Taino, and Fabio Bolognesi
<{vince || taino || bolo}>

Computer Emergency Resource Team Italy
Department of Computer Science
University of Milan, Italy


Eavesdropping is becoming rampant on the Internet. We, as CERT_IT, have recorded a great number of sniffing attacks in the Italian community. In fact, sniffing is the most popular hacker's attack technique all over the Internet. This paper presents a secure telnet implementation which has been designed by the Italian CERT, to make eavesdropping ineffective to remote terminal sessions. It is not to be considered as a definitive solution but rather as a "bandaid" solution, to deal with one of the most serious security threats of the moment.

Download the full text of this paper in POSTSCRIPT (137,947 bytes) and PDF (169,303 bytes) form.

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