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An Architecture for Advanced Packet Filtering

Andrew Molitor

Network Systems Corporation
7600 Boone Ave.
Broklyn Park, MN 55428


Packet filtering in routers has been underrated as anything but an adjunct to other network security measures. This paper presents an architecture, and an implementation of it, for packet filtering that addresses many of the perceived problems with packet filtering. Starting from a short discussion of what constitutes a network access policy, the paper makes a case for extremely flexible packet filtering as an integral part of an access policy. After briefly examining a couple of commonly used packet filtering implementations, the paper goes on to describe a more flexible architecture for packet filtering, and gives some examples of how the implementations of this architecture can be used. After a discussion of how the architecture and the implementations better support auditing and assurance procedures for a network access policy, the paper finishes with a description of some of the more architecturally interesting planned future development.

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