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5TH USENIX UNIX Security Symposium

June 5-7, 1995
Salt Lake City, Utah

Sponsored by USENIX Association
Co-sponsored by UniForum
In cooperation with the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)
and IFIP WG 11.4

Opening Remarks, 9:00-10:30

Frederick M. Avolio, Trusted Information Systems, Inc.


Tuesday, June 6

Keynote Address: Why are our Systems Insecure? Must they always be?
Stephen T. Walker, President and Founder, Trusted Information Systems, Inc.

Information Security Technology? Don't Rely on It. A Case Study in Social Engineering
Ira S. Winkler & Brian Dealy, Science Applications International Corp.

A Simple Active Attack Against TCP
Laurent Joncheray, Merit Network Inc.

WAN-hacking with AutoHack: Auditing Security Behind the Firewall
Alec Muffet, Sun Microsystems, UK

Kerberos Security with Clocks Adrift
Don Davis, Systems Experts, Inc.; Daniel E. Geer, OpenVision Technologies

Design and Implementation of Modular Key Management Protocol and IP Secure Tunnel on AIX
Pau-Chen Cheng, Juan A. Garay, Amir Herzberg and Hugo Krawczyk, IBM, Thomas J. Watson Research Center

Network Randomization Protocol: A Proactive Pseudo-Random Generator
Chee-Seng Chow and Amir Herzberg, IBM, Thomas J. Watson Research Center

Implementing a Secure rlogin Environment: A Case Study of Using a Secure Network Layer Protocol
Gene H. Kim, Hilarie Orman and Sean O'Malley, University of Arizona

STEL: Secure TELnet
David Vincenzetti, Stefano Taino and Fabio Bolognesi, Computer Emergency Response Team Italiano (CERT-IT), University of Milan

Session-Layer Encryption
Matt Blaze and Steven M. Bellovin, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Wednesday, June 7

File-Based Network Collaboration System
Toshinari Takahashi, Atsushi Shimbo and Masao Murota, Communications and Information Systems Research Labs, Toshiba R&D Center

Safe Use of X Window System Protocol Across a Firewall
Brian L. Kahn, The MITRE Corporation

An Architecture for Advanced Packet Filtering and Access Policy
Andrew Molitor, Network Systems Corporation

A Domain and Type Enforcement UNIX Prototype
Lee Badger, Daniel F. Sterne, David L. Sherman and Kenneth M. Walker, and Sheila A. Haghighat, Trusted Information Systems, Inc.

Providing Policy Control Over Object Operations in a Mach-Based System
Spencer E. Minear, Secure Computing Corporation

Joining Security Realms: A Single Login for NetWare and Kerberos
William A. Adamson, Jim Rees and Peter Honeyman, University of Michigan

Independent One-Time Passwords
Aviel D. Rubin, Bellcore

One-Time Passwords in Everything (OPIE): Experiences with Building and Using Strong Authentication
Daniel L. McDonald and Randall J. Atkinson, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory; Craig Metz, Kaman Sciences Corporation

Improving the Trustworthiness of Evidence Derived from Security Trace Files
Ennio Pozzetti, Politecnico di Milano; Vidar Vetland, Carleton University

Using the Domain Name System for System Break-ins
Steven M. Bellovin, AT&T Bell Laboratories

DNS and BIND Security Issues
Paul A. Vixie, Internet Software Consortium

MIME Object Security Services: Issues in a Multi-User Environment
James M. Galvin and Mark S. Feldman, Trusted Information Systems, Inc.

USENIX Program Co-Chairs
Frederick M. Avolio, Trusted Information Systems, Inc.
Steven M. Bellovin, AT&T Bell Laboratories

USENIX Program Committee
Bill Cheswick, AT&T Bell Laboratories
Ed DeHart, CERT
Ed Gould, Digital Equipment Corporation
Marcus Ranum, Trusted Information Systems
Gene Spafford, COAST Laboratory, Purdue University

UniForum Program Chair
Jim Schindler, Hewlett-Packard

Tutorial Program Coordinator
Daniel V. Klein, USENIX

Conference Planner
Judith DesHarnais, USENIX
Debbie Bonnin, UniForum