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Security Symposium '99 - August 23-26, 1999 - Marriot, Washington,D.C., USA

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Refereed Papers — Thursday, August 26

8:30am-10:00 am
Session Chair: Trent Jaeger, IBM

A Secure Station for Network Monitoring and Control
Vassilis Prevelakis, Network Management Center, University of Piraeus

The Flask Security Architecture: System Support for Diverse Security Policies Ray Spencer, Secure Computing Corporation; Stephen Smalley, Peter Loscocco, National Security Agency; Mike Hibler, Dave Andersen, Jay Lepreau, University of Utah

A Study in Using Neural Networks for Anomaly and Misuse Detection Anup K. Ghosh, Aaron Schwartzbard, Reliable Software Technologies

Security Practicum

Session Chair: Wolfgang Ley, DFN-CERT

The Design of a Cryptographic Security Architecture
Peter Gutmann, University of Auckland

Why Johnny Can't Encrypt: A Usability Evaluation of PGP 5.0 Alma Whitten, Carnegie Mellon University; J. D. Tygar, University of California at Berkeley

Jonah: Experience Implementing PKIX Reference Freeware Mary Ellen Zurko, John Wray, Iris Associates; Ian Morrison, IBM; Mike Shanzer, Iris Associates; Mike Crane, IBM; Pat Booth, Lotus; Ellen McDermott, IBM; Warren Macek, Iris Associates; Ann Graham, Jim Wade, Tom Sandlin, IBM

Access Control

Session Chair: Christoph Schuba, Sun Microsystems Laboratories

Scalable Access Control for Distributed Object Systems Daniel F. Sterne, Gregg W. Tally, C. Durward McDonell, David L. Sherman, David L. Sames, Pierre X. Pasturel, NAI Labs, Network Associates, Inc.; E. John Sebes, Kroll-O'Gara Information Security Group

Certificate-based Access Control for Widely Distributed Resources Mary R. Thompson, William Johnston, Srilekha Mudumbai, Gary Hoo, Keith Jackson, Abdelilah Essiari, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Digital-Ticket-Controlled Digital Ticket Circulation
Ko Fujimura, Hiroshi Kuno, Masayuki Terada, Kazuo Matsuyama, Yasunao Mizuno, Jun Sekine, NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories

Joint Session

Works-In-Progress Reports

Session Chair: Greg Rose, Qualcomm, Inc.
This session will consist of short presentations from researchers about work-in-progress, new results, or timely topics. To participate, please see Works-In-Progress description.

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