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Security Symposium '99 - August 23-26, 1999 - Marriot, Washington,D.C., USA

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The 8th USENIX Security Symposium
JW Marriott Hotel
August 23 – 26, 1999 • Washington, D.C.

Dear Colleague:

Connecting to the Internet is no longer a luxury – it's a requirement. And security is the critical issue in using the Internet effectively.

With this in mind, we've designed the Security '99 tutorial and technical programs to help you learn about the latest research and contemporary solutions in security. Whether you're a computer security researcher, an application developer, or the system administrator everyone counts on to maintain a bulletproof network, you'll come away with practical, immediate knowledge to improve the security of your systems and networks. Plus you'll take home insight into the latest thinking in computer and network security.

The symposium begins with in-depth tutorials. Tutorial instructors are not only excellent teachers, they're experts in their fields: Matt Bishop, Brad Johnson, Aviel Rubin, Daniel Geer, Tina Bird, and Marcus Ranum, among others. The tutorials, which are intensely practical, cover such topics as intrusion detection, security for Windows NT, virtual private networks, public key infrastructure, developing secure software, and understanding what attackers are doing.

Keynote speaker Taher Elgamal, a leader in the field and former chief scientist of Netscape Communications, leads off the technical program. You'll gain valuable insights into some of the best research work in security today. You'll hear presentations of papers, selected for their quality from a large number of formal submissions, describing new results in using personal digital assistants (PDAs) to improve security, creating secure environments for software, certificates, public key infrastructure, managing access control, intrusion detection, and many other topics.

You'll also find an excellent selection of invited talks from some of computer security's leading lights – Edward Felten, Peter Neumann, Marcus Ranum, Susan Landau, Richard M. Smith, and Paul Van Oorschot. Their talks are far-ranging and offer fresh and vital perspectives on groundbreaking security topics.

In addition to the formal presentations, you'll have plenty of chances to meet colleagues with similar interests. And you won't want to miss the vendor exhibits showcasing the latest in security products and technology.

All in all, we've assembled what's arguably the strongest program in the eight-year history of the USENIX Security Symposium. But don't take my word for it. Come to Washington, D.C., from August 23 through the 26th and see for yourself.

Win Treese, Open Market, Inc.
Program Chair

The 8th USENIX Security Symposium
Sponsored by the USENIX Association
In cooperation with the CERT Coordination Center

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First posted: May 1999
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