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SSH -- Secure Login Connections over the Internet

Tatu Ylönen
SSH Communications Security Ltd., Finland


SSH provides secure login, file transfer, X11, and TCP/IP connections over an untrusted network. It uses cryptographic authentication, automatic session encryption, and integrity protection for transferred data. RSA is used for key exchange and authentication, and symmetric algorithms (e.g., IDEA or three-key triple-DES) for encrypting transferred data.

SSH is intended as a replacement for the existing rsh, rlogin, rcp, rdist, and telnet protocols. SSH is currently (March 1996) being used at thousands of sites in at least 50 countries. Its users include top universities, research laboratories, many major corporations, and numerous smaller companies and individuals.

The SSH protocol can also be used as a generic transport layer encryption mechanism, providing both host authentication and user authentication, together with privacy and integrity protection.

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