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4th UNIX Security Symposium

October 4 - 6, 1993
Santa Clara, California

Robert H. Morris, Sr., National Security Agency

CryptoLib: Cryptography in Software
John B. Lacy, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Long Running Jobs in an Authenticated Environment
A. D. Rubin, P. Honeyman, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The Architecture and Implementation of Network Layer Security in UNIX
John Ioannidis, Columbia University; Matt Blaze, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Retrofitting Network Security to Third-Party Applications -- The SecureBase Experience
Jonathan I. Kamens, OpenVision Technologies

Dial-In Security Firewall Software
Bob Baldwin, Los Altos Technologies, Inc.; Jim Kubon, Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation

Secure RPC Authentication (SRA) for TELNET and FTP
David R. Safford, Douglas Lee Schales, David K. Hess, Texas A & M University

Caller ID System in the Internet Environment
Hyun Tae Jung, Hae Lyong Kim, Yang Min Seo, Ghun Choe, Sang Min, Chong Sang Kim, Kern Koh, Seoul National University

ATP - Anti-Tampering Program
Massimo Cotrozzi, David Vincenzetti, U. of Milan - Italy

The TAMU Security Package: An Ongoing Response to Internet Intruders in an Academic Environment
Dave Safford, Douglas Lee Schales, David K. Hess, Texas A & M University

UNIX Security Update
Jerry M. Carlin, Pacific Bell

The Persistent Hacker
Eduardo Rodriguez, Universidad de Chile

Sendmail Without the Superuser
Mark E. Carson, IBM Corporation

Approximating Clark-Wilson Access Triples with Basic UNIX Commands
W. Timothy Polk, National Institute of Standards and Technology


Bill Cheswick, Program Chair, AT&T Bell Laboratories
Steve Bellovin, AT&T Bell Laboratories
Matt Bishop, University of California Davis
Ed DeHart, CERT, Carnegie Mellon University
Jim Ellis, Carnegie Mellon University
Marcus Ranum, Trusted Information Systems