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Macrobenchmark: Kernel Compilation

Table: Linux Kernel Build Macrobenchmarks, time in seconds
      % Overhead
Machine Type 2.5.15 2.5.15-lsm with LSM
4 CPUs 92 92 0%
1 CPU 341 342 0.3%

Our first macrobenchmark is the widely used kernel compilation benchmark, measuring the time to build the Linux kernel. We ran this test on a 4-processor SMP machine (four 700 MHz Xeon processors, 1 GB RAM, ultra wide SCSI disk) using both a SMP and UP kernel.

The single processor test executed the command time make -j2 bzImage and the 4-processor test executed the command time make -j8 bzImage, with the results shown in Table 4. The result is basically zero overhead for the LSM patch, the worst case being 0.3%.

Chris Wright 2002-05-13