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Abstract - Technical Program - OSDI 99

MultiView and Millipage - Fine-Grain Sharing in Page-Based DSMs

Ayal Itzkovitz, Assaf Schuster
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology


In this paper we develop a novel technique, called MULTIVIEW, which enables implementation of page-based fine-grain DSMs. We show how the traditional techniques for implementing page-based DSMs can be extended to control the sharing granularity in a flexible way, even when the size of the sharing unit varies, and is smaller than the operating system's page size. The run-time overhead imposed in the proposed technique is negligible.

We present a DSM system, called MILLIPAGE, which builds upon MULTIVIEW in order to support sharing in variable-size units. MILLIPAGE efficiently implements Sequential Consistency and shows comparable (sometimes superior) performance to related systems which use relaxed consistency models. It uses standard user-level operating system API and requires no compiler intervention, page twinning, diffs, code instrumentation, or sophisticated protocols. The resulting system is a "thin" software layer consisting mainly of a simple, "clean" protocol that handles page-faults.

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