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This paper presents the design, implementation, and evaluation of IO-Lite, a unified buffering and caching system for general-purpose operating systems. IO-Lite improves the performance of servers and other I/O-intensive applications by eliminating all redundant copying and multiple buffering of I/O data, and by enabling optimizations across subsystems.

Experimental results from a prototype implementation in FreeBSD show performance improvements between 40 and 80% over an already aggressively optimized Web server without IO-Lite, both on synthetic workloads and on real workloads derived from Web server logs. IO-Lite also allows the efficient support of CGI programs without loss of fault isolation and protection. Further results show that IO-Lite reduces memory requirements associated with the support of large numbers of client connections and large bandwidth-delay products in Web servers by eliminating multiple buffering, leading to increased throughput.

Peter Druschel