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OSDI 2000 Abstract

Interposed Request Routing for Scalable Network Storage

Darrell C. Anderson, Jeffrey S. Chase, and Amin M. Vahdat, Duke University


This paper explores interposed request routing in Slice, a new storage system architecture for high-speed networks incorporating network- attached block storage. Slice interposes a request switching filter— called a µproxy —along each client's network path to the storage service (e.g., in a network adapter or switch). The µproxy intercepts request traffic and distributes it across a server ensemble. We propose request routing schemes for I/O and file service traffic, and explore their effect on service structure. The Slice prototype uses a packet lter µproxy to virtualize the standard Network File System (NFS) protocol, presenting to NFS clients a unified shared file volume with scalable bandwidth and capacity. Experimental results from the industry- standard SPECsfs97 workload demonstrate that the architecture enables construction of powerful network-attached storage services by aggregating cost-effective components on a switched Gigabit Ethernet LAN.
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