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USENIX 1995 Technical Conference Proceedings

January 16-20, 1995
New Orleans, Louisiana

Opening Remarks:
Peter Honeyman, Program Chair
USENIX 20th Anniversary:
Steve Johnson, President of USENIX Board of Directors
Keynote Address:
Mark Weiser, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center


Portals in 4.4BSD
W. Richard Stevens, Consultant; Jan-Simon Pendry, Sequent Corporation

Dynamic Vnodes - Design and Implementation
Aju John, Digital Equipment Corporation

Union Mounts in 4.4BSD-Lite
Jan-Simon Pendry, Sequent Corporation; Marshall Kirk McKusick, Author and Consultant


Evaluation of Design Alternatives for a Cluster File System
Murthy Devarakonda, Ajay Mohindra, Jill Simoneaux, William H. Tetzlaff, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Multi-resident AFS: An Adventure in Mass Storage
Jonathan S. Goldick, Kathy Benninger, Christopher Kirby, Christopher Maher, and Bill Zumach, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

RAMA: Easy Access to a High-Bandwidth Massively Parallel File System
Ethan L. Miller, University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Randy H. Katz, University of California, Berkeley


Implementing Real Time Packet Forwarding Policies Using Streams
Ian Wakeman, Atanu Ghosh, Jon Crowcroft, University College London; Van Jacobson, Sally Floyd, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Scaling the Web of Trust: Combining Kerberos and PGP to Provide Large Scale Authentication
Jeffrey I. Schiller, Derek Atkins, MIT

Flexible and Safe Resolution of File Conflicts
Puneet Kumar, M. Satyanarayanan, Carnegie Mellon University


OODCE: A C++ Framework for the OSF Distributed Computing Environment
John Dilley, Hewlett-Packard

Mach-US: Unix On Generic OS Object Servers
J. Mark Stevenson, Carnegie Mellon University; Daniel P Julin, ISIS Distributed Systems

Events in an RPC Based Distributed System
Jim Waldo, Ann Wollrath, Geoff Wyant, Samuel C. Kendall. Sun Microsystems Laboratories, Inc.


Turning the AIX Operating System into an MP-capable OS
Jacques Talbot, BULL

A Flash-Memory Based File System
Atsuo Kawaguchi, Shingo Nishioka, Hiroshi Motoda, Hitachi, Ltd.

TRON: Process-Specific File Protection for the UNIX Operating System
Andrew Berman, Virgil Bourassa, Erik Selberg, University of Washington


SIFT - a Tool for Wide-Area Information Dissemination
Tak W. Yan, Hector Garcia-Molina, Stanford University

Performance Implications of Multiple Pointer Sizes
Jeffrey C. Mogul, Joel F. Bartlett, Robert N. Mayo and Amitabh Srivastava, Digital Equipment Corporation, Western Research Laboratory

Idleness is Not Sloth
Richard Golding, Peter Bosch, Carl Staelin, Tim Sullivan, and John Wilkes, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories


Libckpt: Transparent Checkpointing under UNIX
James S. Plank, Micah Beck, Gerry Kingsley, University of Tennessee; Kai Li, Princeton University

Optimizing the Performance of Dynamically-Linked Programs
W. Wilson Ho, Wei-Chau Chang, Lilian H. Leung, Silicon Graphics Computer Systems

DP: A Library for Building Portable, Reliable Distributed Applications
David M. Arnow, Brooklyn College, CUNY


File System Logging versus Clustering: A Performance Comparison
Margo Seltzer, Keith A. Smith, Harvard University; Hari Balakrishnan, Jacqueline Chang, Sara McMains, Venkata Padmanabhan, University of California, Berkeley

Metadata Logging in an NFS Server
Uresh Vahalia, EMC Corporation; Cary G. Gray, Abilene Christian University; Dennis Ting, Digital Equipment Corporation

Heuristic Cleaning Algorithms in Log-Structured File Systems
Trevor Blackwell, Jeffrey Harris, Margo Seltzer, Harvard University


The New Jersey Machine-Code Toolkit
Norman Ramsey, Bell Communications Research; Mary F. Fernandez, Princeton University

ATOM: A Flexible Interface for Building High Performance Program Analysis Tools
Alan Eustace, Amitabh Srivastava, Digital Equipment Corporation, Western Research Laboratory

Adaptable Binary Programs
Susan L. Graham, Steven Lucco, Robert Wahbe, University of California, Berkeley