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MCE: An Integrated Mobile Computing Environment and Simulation Testbed

{This research was supported in part by NSF under Grant No. CCR-9110177 and by the Texas Advanced Technology Program under Grant No. 9741-036.}

  Ramki Rajagopalan(*1)                Sridhar Alagar and S. Venkatesan
  Bell Northern Research               Computer Science Program, EC 31
  2201 Lakeside Blvd                   The University of Texas at Dallas
  Richardson, TX 75082-4399            Richardson, TX 75083-0688                      {sridhar,venky}
(*1) This work is being done as part of author's graduate work at The University of Texas at Dallas


Integrated Mobile Computing Environment and simulation testbed (MCE) is a software platform to design, develop, and test algorithms and applications for a network of mobile and static computers. MCE is designed with the idea of providing users with a transparent system so that an application may be tested on the simulation testbed and then used directly on the network without any source code changes. MCE provides default functionalities like routing, location tracking, and handoff along with service access points to add or change services resulting in a unique integrated environment for development and testing. MCE may also be used as a platform to evaluate and compare various mobile network algorithms.

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