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Second USENIX Symposium on Mobile and Location-Independent Computing Proceedings

April 10-11, 1995
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Monday, April 10, 1995

Keynote Address:
Barry M. Leiner, Senior Scientist, Advanced Research Projects Agency


Session Chair: Phil Karn
Cluster-based Approach for Routing in Ad-Hoc Networks
P. Krishna, M. Chatterjee, N. H. Vaidya, and D. K. Pradhan, Texas A&M University.

Handoff and System Support for Indirect TCP/IP
Ajay Bakre and B.R. Badrinath, Rutgers University.

Wireless Adapter Architecture for Mobile Computing
John Trotter and Mark Cravatts, AT&T Bell Laboratories,


Session Chair: Dan Geer
MCE: An Integrated Mobile Computing Environment and Simulation Testbed
Ramki Rajagopalan, Bell Northern Research; Sridhar Alagar and S. Venkatesan, The University of Texas at Dallas.

A Network Emulator to Support the Development of Adaptive Applications
Nigel Davies, Gordon S. Blair, Keith Cheverst and Adrian Friday, Lancaster University.

A Programming Interface for Application-Aware Adaptation in Mobile Computing
Brian D. Noble, Morgan Price, and M. Satyanarayanan Carnegie Mellon University.

Tuesday, April 11, 1995


Session Chair: Dan Duchamp
System Isolation and Network Fast-Fail Capability in Solaris
Gabriel Montenegro and Steve Drach, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

A Generic Multicast Transport Service to Support Disconnected Operation
Silvano Maffeis, Walter Bischofberger, and Kai-Uwe M├Ątzel, Cornell University and UBILAB, Union Bank of Switzerland.

Partially Connected Operation
L.B. Huston and P. Honeyman, University of Michigan.


Session Chair: Jim Kempf
A Distributed Software Architecture for GPS-Driven Mobile Applications
Thomas G. Dennehy, Environmental Research Institute of Michigan.

Energy Efficient Data Filtering and Communication in Mobile Wireless Computing
Tomasz Imielinski, Monish Gupta, and Sarma Peyyeti, Rutgers University.

Adaptive Disk Spin-down Policies for Mobile Computers
Fred Douglis, AT&T Bell Laboratories; P. Krishnan, Brown University; Brian Bershad, University of Washington.

Program Committee

Jim Rees, Program Chair, University of Michigan
Dan Duchamp, Columbia University
Dan Geer, OpenVision Technologies
Phil Karn, Qualcomm
Jim Kempf, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Jay Kistler, Digital Equipment Corporation