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USENIX Microkernels and Other Kernel Architectures Symposium

September 20-23, 1993
San Diego, California

Opening Remarks: Lori S. Grob, Chorus Systemes

New Microkernels

Is Microkernel Technology Well Suited for the Support of Object-Oriented Systems: The Guide Experience
R. Balter, P. Y. Chevalier, A. Freyssinet, D. Hagimont, S. Lacourte, and X. Rousset de Pina, Unite Mixte Bull-IMAG/Systemes

Object-Oriented Transaction Processing in the KeyKOS Microkernel
William S.Frantz, Periwinkle Consulting; Charles R. Landau; Tandem Computer

From V to Vanguard: The Evolution of a Distributed Object-Oriented Microkernel Interface
Ross Finlayson, SunSoft, Inc.; Mark D. Honnecke and Steven Goldberg, Apple Computer

Design and Implementation of an Object-Oriented 64-bit Single Address Space Microkernel
Kevin Murray, Tim Wilkinson and Peter Osmon, Systems Architecture Research Centre, Department of Computer Science, City University, London; Ashley Saulsbury, Swedish Institute of Computer Science; Tom Stiemerling and Paul Kelly, Dept. of Computing, Imperial College - London

Other Applications of Microkernel Technology

Experimentation with a Reconfigurable Microkernel
Bodhisattwa Mukherjee and Karsten Schwan, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology

Cohabitation and Cooperation of Chorus and MacOS
Christian Bac, Institut National des Telecommunications; Edmond Garnier, Alcatel Alsthom Recherche

Kernel Support for the Wisconsin Wind Tunnel
Steven K. Reinhardt, Babak Falsafi and David A. Wood, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Wisconsin

Real Time Mach

RT-IPC: An IPC Extension for Real-Time Mach
Takuro Kitayama, Hideyuki Tokuda, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University; Tatsuo Nakajima, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Techniques for Microkernels

Fast Interrupt Priority Management in Operating System Kernels
Daniel Stodolsky, J. Brad Chen and Brian Bershad, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

User Level IPC and Device Management in the Raven Kernel
D. Stuart Ritchie and Gerald W. Neufeld, Dept. of Computer Science, The University of British Columbia


A Flexible External Paging Interface
Yousef A. Khalidi and Mike N. Nelson, Sun Microsystems Laboratories, Inc.

Closing Remarks: Lori S. Grob, Chorus Systemes

Program Committee

Lori S. Grob, Program Chair, Chorus Systemes
Brian Bershad, Carnegie Mellon University
Michael L. Powell, Sun Microsystems Laboratories