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April 1993
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Only a few select papers from this conference are available online. You may purchase the other papers individually by using our Offprints Order Form (in PDF format).

Sponsored by the USENIX Association.

Experiments with Real-Time Servers in Real-Time Mach
Tatsuo Nakajima, Takuro Kitayama, and Hideyuki Tokuda, Carnegie Mellon University

Unix File Access and Caching in a Multicomputer Environment
Paul J. Roy, Open Software Foundation

In-Kernel Servers on Mach 3.0: Implementation and Performance
Jay Lepreau, Mike Hibler, Bryan Ford, Jeffrey Law, and Douglas Orr, University of Utah

Redirecting System Calls in Mach 3.0, An alternative to the Emulator
Simon Patience, Open Software Foundation

A Fast and General Implementation of Mach IPC in a Network
Hilarie Orman, Sean O'Malley, Edwin Menze III, Larry Peterson, and Richard Schroeppel, University of Arizona

Port Buffers: A Mach IPC Optimization for Handling Large Volumes of Small Messages
Kenneth W. Koontz, Johns Hopkins University

Using the Mach Communication Primitives in X11
Michael Ginsberg, Robert V. Baron, and Brian N. Bershad, Carnegie Mellon University

Real Time - Mach Timers: Exporting Time to the User
Stefan Savage and Hideyuki Tokuda, Carnegie Mellon University

Adding Scheduler Activations to Mach 3.0
Paul Barton-Davis, Dylan McNamee, Raj Vaswani, and Edward Lazowska, University of Washington

Using Continuations to Build a User-Level Threads Library
Randall Dean

An Architecture for Device Drivers Executing as User-Level Tasks
Freeman L. Rawson III, IBM

MVM - An Environment for Running Multiple DOS, Windows and DPMI Programs on the Microkernel
David Golub, Carnegie Mellon University; Ravi Manikundalam and Freeman L. Rawson III, IBM

An OS/2 Personality on Mach
James, M. Phelan, James Arendt, and Gary R. Ormsby, IBM

Page Prefetching Based on Fault History
Inshik Song and Yookun Cho, Seoul National University, Korea

Kernel Support for Recoverable-Persistent Virtual Memory
Kien-Mien Chew, University of Texas - Austin, Jyothy Reddy, Hewlett-Packard; Theodore H. Romer and Abraham Silberschatz, University of Texas - Austin

Real Memory Mach
Philippe Bernadat and David Black, Open Software Foundation

MIKE: A Distributed object-oriented programming platform on top of the Mach micro-kernel
Miguel Castro, Nuno Neves, Pedro Trancuso, and Pedro Sousa, INESC, Portugal

Task Migration on the top of the Mach Microkernel
Dejan Milojicic, Wolfgang Zint, Andreas Dangel and Peter Giese, University of Kaiserlautern, Germany

The Design of the Schizophrenic Workstation System
Mark Swanson, Leigh Stoller, Terence Critchlow, and Robert Kessler, University of Utah

Sprite on Mach
Michael D. Kupfer, University of California at Berkeley