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LISA '99: 13th Systems Administration Conference
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Full-day tutorials run from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Half-day tutorials run from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm (morning) or from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm (afternoon). All tutorials will be held in the Washington State Convention & Trade Center, Level 6.

Sunday, Nov. 7, 1999 Monday, Nov. 8, 1999 Tuesday, Nov. 9, 1999
Full-Day Tutorials Full-Day Tutorials Full-Day Tutorials
S1 Administering Windows NT: A Course for UNIX People M1 Windows NT Security: Advanced Topics T1 Windows NT and UNIX Integration: Problems and Solutions
S2 Linux Systems Administration M2 Hot Topics in Modern System Administration--1 T2 Hot Topics in Modern System Administration--2
S3 Designing Resilient Distributed Systems--High Availability M3 System and Network Performance Tuning T3 Auditing--An Agent of Change for the Better!
S4 Modern Security Systems for Intranets, Extranets, and the Internet M4 Real World Applications of Cryptography T4 Computer Attacks: Trends and Countermeasures
S5 Network Security Profiles: A Collection (Hodgepodge) of Stuff Hackers Know About You M5 Intrusion Detection and Network Forensics T5 UNIX Security Tools: Use and Comparison
S6 Sendmail Configuration and Operation (Updated for Sendmail 8.10) M6 Configuring Cisco Routers on an IP Network T6 Advanced Topics in DNS and BIND
S7 Advanced Topics in Perl Programming M7 Practical Web Site Maintenance with Perl--A Cookbook Approach T7 Advanced Solaris System Administration Topics
Half-Day Tutorials - Morning Half-Day Tutorials - Morning Half-Day Tutorials - Morning
S8am Configuring and Administering SAMBA Servers M8am Sendmail and Security T8am Web Application Security
S9am Introduction to Domain Name System Administration M9am Administering Linux in Production Environments T9am Topics in AFS Administration
S10am Legal Issues for System Administrators M10am Professional Conduct and Computer Ethics T10am Dealing with Difficult People
Half-Day Tutorials - Afternoon Half-Day Tutorials - Afternoon Half-Day Tutorials - Afternoon
S11pm Using Amd and the Automounter Utilities M11pm DHCP/DNS T11pm Automating/Standardizing Operating System Installations: Solaris Jumpstart, Red Hat Kickstart, and Others . . .
S12pm Intermediate Topics in Domain Name System Administration M12pm Performance Monitoring and Tuning Under Windows NT T12pm Administering Backups with Legato NetWorker
S13pm The First Amendment and the System Administrator M13pm Management 101--The Soft Science of Systems Administration T13pm Mastering an Interrupt-driven Job

Our guarantee: If you're not happy, we're not happy. If you feel a tutorial does not meet the high standards you have come to expect from USENIX, let us know by the first break and we will change you to any other available tutorial immediately.
Continuing Education Units
USENIX provides Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for a small additional administrative fee. The CEU is a nationally recognized standard unit of measure for continuing education and training and is used by thousands of organizations. Each full day of USENIX tutorials qualifies for 0.6 CEUs. You can request CEU credit by completing the CEU section on the registration form. USENIX provides a certificate for each attendee taking a tutorial for CEU credit and maintains transcripts for all CEU students. CEUs are not the same as college credits. Consult your employer or school to determine their applicability.

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