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12th Systems Administration Conference
(LISA '98)
December 6-11, 1998
Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Wednesday, December 9, 1998

Got LDAP? Deploying and Using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol   
Leif Hedstrom, Netscape Communications Corporation

Zero to LISA in One Year   
Brent Chapman, Covad Communications Company

Practical Cryptography - Privacy for Business and Electronic Commerce    HTML
Frederick M. Avolio, Security Consultant

Thursday, December 10

Succumbing to the Dark Side of the Force: The Internet As Seen from an Adult Website    HTML   PDF
Dan Klein, Cybertainment, Inc.

Branchstart - A Generic, Multi-OS Installation Server   
Rory Toma, WebTV Networks Inc.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI): Causes, Treatment, and Prevention   HTML
Jeff Okamoto, Hewlett Packard

Friday, December 11

Overview of the LISA/NT Conference   
Ian Reddy, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Security as Infrastructure   
Tom Perrine, San Diego Supercomputer Center

Panel Discussion: TCP/IP Futures   
Phil Scarr, Global Networking and Computing, Inc.
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