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NT 3.5 / 4.0 Domains for UNIX

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton


NT domain logins, and some experimental administrative capabilities, have been added to a development branch of SAMBA, the publicly available file/print share program that makes UNIX servers look like Microsoft windows NT server.

Further work is needed, but the goal is to make UNIX look like Windows NT, over a network. This will include full UNIX command-line administrative capability as well.

The implications of this are that UNIX will be fully adminsterable by the standard NT server tools (e.g "user manager for domains"; "server manager for domains"), and both UNIX and NT will be fully administerable using HTML (cgi-bin wrappers around the smbclient program).

Some of this functionality (both client and server) is already available. The latest version can be obtained by following the instructions in

At present, SAMBA and smbclient can only provide or obtain information using DCE/RPC: no capability has been added to administer domain servers. This can (should) only be possible to do by administrators. Adding or changing SAM user accounts or domain groups is encrypted. The "backup domain controller" and "inter-domain trust relationships" also needs to be researched.

Final point: anyone running windows NT who allows SMB access through their firewall (ports 137-139) is strongly advised to look up and enable the "RestrictAnonymous" registry key in the microsoft KB articles, and to look for information on the "red button" bug in NT.

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