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T3   Advanced Topics in DNS and BIND   NEW!
Paul Vixie, Internet Software Consortium

Who should attend: Name server administrators and software developers who need a deeper understanding of the DNS protocol and of the internals of BIND. Participants should already be responsible for the operation of at least one name server, familiar with Internet protocols such as TCP and UDP, and able to recognize C source code when they see it (which they will).

What you will learn: The DNS protocol and upcoming extensions to it; implementation considerations in BIND.

Topics include:

- DNS message format
- DNS resource record format
- Zone file format, and zone transfers
- Incremental zone transfer
- Dynamic update and deferred update
- Real-time change notification
- DHCP interaction
- BIND current status
- DNS security
- DNS politics
- BIND Version 8

After completing this tutorial, you will know what the IETF has been up to lately, and what to expect in upcoming BIND releases.

Vixie Paul Vixie is the current maintainer of the BIND software system. BIND is the Berkeley Internet Name Domain, and it includes the named name server used everywhere on the Internet. Paul is also a co-author of Sendmail: Theory and Practice and the moderator of the comp.sources.unix newsgroup.

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