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S13PM   Basics of Domain Name System (DNS) Administration
William LeFebvre, Group sys Consulting

Who should attend: Network adminstrators responsible for the administration of a DNS installation, either new or inherited. Attendees should have a basic knowledge of network and system administration. An in-depth understanding of IP will be beneficial but is not required.

What you will learn: How to set up, configure, and maintain primary and secondary DNS service on the Internet.

The DNS is the primary method which the Internet uses to name and number machines. This course is an introduction to DNS for network administrators. It will describe the basic operation of DNS, and will provide instruc tions and guidelines for the installation and operation of DNS on various UNIX machines. Other topics include vendor-specific differ ences, delegation of subdomains, and trouble shooting techniques.

LeFebvreBill LeFebvre has been banging on UNIX systems since 1981 and has been poking around with Internet technology since 1983. He currently runs Group sys Consulting. He has been a regular tutorial instructor at USENIX conferences since 1992 and is also a columnist for UNIX Review.

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