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USENIX Tenth System Administration Conference (LISA '96)

USENIX Tenth System Administration Conference (LISA 96)

September 29 - October 4, 1996
Chicago, IL, USA


Opening Remarks
Wednesday (9:00-10:30am) Chairs: Helen E. Harrison & Amy K. Kreiling

Distributed Systems Administration
Wednesday (11:00-12:30pm) Chair: Pat Wilson

Priv: Secure and Flexible Privileged Access Dissemination
Brian C. Hill, University of California, Davis

The Igor System Administration Tool
Clinton Pierce, Decision Consultants Inc.

Centralized Administration of Distributed Firewalls
Mark Miller & Joe Morris, Bell Atlantic

Account Management
Wednesday (2:00-3:30pm) Chair: E. Scott Menter

Shuse: Multi-Host Account Administration
Henry Spencer, SP Systems

The Design and Implementation of a Network Account Management System
J. Archer Harris, James Madison University; Gregory Gingerich, Bell Atlantic

UNIX Host Administration in a Hererogeneous Distributed Computing Environment
Gregory S. Thomas, James O. Schroeder, Merrilee E. Orcutt, Desiree C. Johnson, Jeffrey T. Simmelink, & John P. Moore, Pacific Northwest national Laboratory

Visualization in Systems Administration
Wednesday (4:00-5:00pm) Chair: Helen E. Harrison
Visualizing Huge Tracefiles with Xscal
Alva L. Couch, Tufts University

Using Visualization in System and Network Administration
Doug Hughes, Auburn University

Thursday (9:00-10:30am) Chair: Paul Evans

How to Avoid Learning Expect -or- Automating Automating Interactive Programs
Don Libes, National Institute of Standards and Technology

An LPD for the 90s
mark Fletcher, SAS Institute Inc.

RUST: Managing Problem Reports and To-Do Lists
Craig Ruefenacht, University of Utah

Thursday (11:00-12:30pm) Chair: Pat Parseghian

Renumbering: Threat or Menace
Eliot Lear, jennifer Katinsky, Jeff Coffin, & Diane Tharp, Silicon Graphics, Inc.

OC3MON: Flexible, Affordable, High Performance Staistics Collection
Joel Apisdorf, k claffy (NLANR), Kevin Thompson & Rick Wilder, MCI/vBNS

IP Multiplexing by Transparent Port-Address Translator
heon Y. Yeom, Jungsoo Ha, and Ilhwan Kim, Seoul National University

Thursday (2:00-3:30pm) Chair: David L. Keniski
Many Mail Domains, One Machine: The Forwarding Mailer
hal Pomeranz, NetMarket/CUC International

How to Get There From Here: Scaling the Enterprise-Wide Mail Infrastructure
Michael Grubb, Duke University

Automatic and Reliable Elimination of E-mail Loops Based on Statistical Analysis
E. Solana, V. Baggiolini, M. Ramluckun, and J. Harms, University of Geneva (Switzerland)

Toasty Cool Moose
Thursday (4:00-5:30pm) Chair: Bill LeFabvre
MajorCool: A Web Interface to Majordomo
Bill Houle, NCR Corporation

The PGP Moose - Implementation and Experience
Greg Rose, Qualcomm Australia

The Brave Little Toaster Meets Usenet
Karl L. Swartz, Network Appliance

Software Distribution #1
Friday (9:00-10:30am) Chair: Pat Parseghian
A Simple Caching File System for Application Serving
John D. Bell, Ford Motor Co.

Automating the Administration of Heterogeneous LANs
Michael Fisk, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

PC Administration Tools: Using Linux to Manage Personal Computers
Jim Trocki, American Cyanamid Company

Software Distribution #2
Friday (11:00-12:30pm) Chair: Elizabeth Zwicky
Abstract Yourself With Modules
John L. Furlani, Sun Microsystems, Inc; Peter W. Osel, Siemens Components, Inc.

SLINK: Simple, Effective Filesystem Maintenance Abstractions for Community-Based Administration
Alva L. Couch, Tufts University

Managing and Distributing Application Software
Ph. Defert, E. Fernandez, M. Goossens, O. Le Moigne, A. Peyrat, I. Reguero, CERN, European Laboratory for Particle Physics

The Future of System Administration
Friday (2:00-3:30pm) Chair: Amy K. Kreiling
A New Twist on Teaching System Administration
Raven Tompkins, University of Indiana

Institute White Pages as a System Administration Problem
Jon Finke, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

New Fangled Phone Systems Pose New Challenges for System Administrators
Snoopy, iXOS Software GmbH

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