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AGUS: An Automatic Multi-Platform Account Generation System

Paul Riddle - Hughes STX Corporation
Paul Danckaert - University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Matt Metaferia - MCI Telecommunications


As a computer network grows to accommodate thousands of users across many different types of hardware, account generation becomes an increasingly large burden on system administrators. Computer vendors often provide tools to create accounts; however, these tools tend to be specific to the vendor's hardware and OS, and most of them do not provide the degree of automation necessary to avoid a lot of repetitive work. In a large network with a constantly changing user base, an automated account generation system would greatly ease the burden on the system administrators. Many such tools exist, but none of them provide support for many varied platforms such as UNIX, Novell, and VMS. We have attempted to address this issue by designing AGUS, an acronym for Account Generation Utility System. AGUS is a distributed, networked, multi-platform account generation system which requires no administrator intervention during normal operation. It is currently in active use at our site, and handles account generation for several UNIX workstation and Novell-based PC/Mac networks, as well as a VAX running VMS. As of this writing, it has been used to create over 15,000 accounts.

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