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Automating Printing Configuration

Jon Finke
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Maintaining the printing configuration files for a large site (400 machines, 60 public printers, 40 private printers, 30 print spoolers) can be a major job. At RPI, we developed a system that will automatically generate the printer configuration file for any machine, depending on what printers are driven by that machine. It also allows us to only have a printer appear only on a subset of machines, rather than on all machines.

This paper describes the design and deployment of the system. We use a relational database to manage the printer information, printer type attributes, host grouping and to track hosts using the system. All sources and related information are available for anonymous FTP.

Download the full text of this paper in ASCII (39,118 bytes) and POSTSCRIPT (119,573 bytes) form.

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