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USENIX Seventh System Administration Conference (LISA '93)

November 1-5, 1993
Monterey, California

Plenary Session

Wednesday (8:30-10:00)
Bjorn Saideva
Opening Remarks and Announcements
Bjorn Satdeva, /sys/admin, inc.

Keynote Address: A Management View of Systems Administration
John Black, Oracle

Vis à Vis

Wednesday (10:30-12:00)
Collaborative Networked Communication: MUDs as Systems Tools
Rémy Evard, Northeastern University

Horses and Barn Doors: Evolution of Corporate Guidelines for Internet Usage
Sally hambridge & Jeffrey C. Sedayao, Intel Corp.

Our Users have Root!
Laua de Leon, Mike Rodriquez, & Brent Thompson, Hewlett-Packard Company

Software Installation and Customization

Wednesday (1:30-3:00)
LUDE: A Distributed Software Library
Michel Dagenais, Ecole Polytechnique de Montéal; Stéphane Boucher, Bell-Northern Research; Robert Gérin-Lajole, Universite de Montréal; Pierre Laplante, Centre de recherche Informatique de Montréal; Pierre Maihot, Universite de Montréal

The Corporate Software Bank
Steven W. Lodin, Delco Electronics Corporation

Customization in a UNIX Computing Environment
Craig E. Wills, Kirstin Cadwell, & William Marrs, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Source Control

Wednesday (3:30-5:00)
Local Disk Depot - Customizing the Software Environment
Walter C. Wong, Carnegie Mellon University

Methods for Maintaining One Source Tree in a Heterogeneous Environment
Bjorn Satdeva, /sys/admin, inc.

Towards a POSIX Standard for Software Administration
Barrie Archer, ICL

Getting Down To Business

Thursday (8:30-10:00)
Managing the Mission Critical Environment
E. Scott Menter, Enterprise Systems Management Corporation

Open Systems Formal Evaluation Process
Brian William Keves, Systems and Network Management

A Case Study on Moves and Mergers
John Schimmel, Silicon Graphics Inc.

System Administration by Delegation

Thursday (10:30-12:00)
Guerrilla System Administration: Scaling Small Group Systems Administration To a Larger Installed Base
Tim Hunter & Scott Watanabe, University of Colorado, Boulder

Role-based System Administration or Who, What, Where, and How
Dinah McNutt, Tivoli Systems

Delegation: Uniformity in Heterogeneous Distribued Administration
Jean-Charles Grégoire, INRS-Télécommunications

System Administration Tools

Thursday (1:30-3:00)
satool - A System Administrator's Cockpit, An Implementation
Todd Miller, Christopher Stirlen, and Evi Nemeth, University of Colorado, Boulder

Sysctl: A Distributed System Control Package
Salvatore DeSimone & Christine Lombardi, Project Agora, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Automated System Monitoring and Notification with Swatch
Stephen E. Hansen & E. Todd Atkins, Stanford University

Disk Management

Thursday (3:30-5:00)
Where Did All The Bytes Go?
Dinah McNutt, Tivoli Systems; Michael Pearlman, Rice University

A Practical Approach to NFS Response Time Monitoring
Gary L. Schaps & Peter Bishop, Cirrus Logic, Inc.

The Amanda Network Backup Manager
James da Silva & Ólafur Guðmundsson, Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland

Information Tools

Friday (8:30-10:00)
PLOD: Keep Track of What You're Doing
Hal Pomeranz, QMS, Inc.

How to Keep Track of Your Network Configuration
J. Schönwälder & H. Langendörfer, TU Braunschweig, Germany

Forecasting Disk Resource Requirements for a Usenet Server
Karl L. Swartz, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

The Human Behind The Root

Friday (10:30-12:00)
Simplifying System Administration Tasks: The UAMS Approach
Roland J. Stolfa, Oklahoma State University

System Administrtion as a User Interface: An Extended Metaphor
Wilson H. Bent, Jr., University of Southern California

The System Administration Maturity Model - SAMM
Carol Kubicki, Motorola Cellular Infrastructure Group


Friday (1:30-3:00)
Establishing and Administering a Public Access Internet facility
Sheri Byrne, Gemini Learning Center

Implementing Execution Controls in Unix
Todd Gamble, WilTel Network Services

HLFSD: Delivering Email to Your $HOME
Erez Zadok, Columbia University; Alexander Dupuy, System Management ARTS