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LISA 2000: 14th Systems Administration Conference, 
New Orleans, December 3-8, 2000
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Invited Talks Track

Wednesday, December 6

How Not to Get Fleeced with Employee Stock Options | PDF
     Jon Rochlis, The Rochlis Group, Inc.

SAGE Update
     Barb Dijker, SAGE President

The Digital House | PDF
     Lorette Cheswick,

Thursday, December 7

Dr. Felton Goes to Washington: A Personl View of the Microsoft Antitrust Case
     Edward Felten, Princeton University

Experiences with Incident Response at The Ohio State University | HTML
     Steve Romig, The Ohio State University

Integrating LDAP in a Heterogeneous Environment
     Leif Hedstrom, Netscape

Mapping Corporate Intranets and Internets
     Bill Cheswick, Lumeta Corporation

Friday, December 8

The Design and Implementation of Highly Scalable Email Systems | PDF | PostScript
     Brad Knowles, Belgacom Skynet SA/NV

SANs--From A To Reality
     W. Curtis Preston, Collective Technologies

Why the Documentation Sucks and What You Can Do About It | HTML
     Steven Levine, SGI

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