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LISA 2000 Abstract

User-Centric Account Management with Heterogeneous Password Changing

Douglas Hughes, Auburn University


There are a plethora of password changing programs available for users and systems administrators to use. Most of the existing password changers, however, fall short in some way. Either they are still text based, requiring users to use unfamiliar tools in unfamiliar environments, or they are part of an all encompassing framework - designed to completely supplant the entire existing account creation, maintenance and distribution process. Our program is designed, first, to be usable without training or human support. Second, it is designed to use existing distribution databases such as NIS and LDAP. We integrate many of the features of prior password changers such as the Cracklib library, character classes, and rules for password selection. We try to provide easy extensibility both in terms of database support and by providing other user-focussed programs that use the same authentication framework.

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