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The Only Conference By and For System Administrators

"A Depth and Breadth of Experience"

If LISA isn't the number one event on every system professional's calendar, it should be. As the only technical conference designed and run by veteran system administrators, LISA 2000 will offer a unique depth and breadth of technical expertise for hard-pressed system, network, and security administrators from sites of all sizes. The depth and breadth of experience of LISA attendees makes it an event unlike any other in the industry.

With the millennium hype behind us, LISA 2000 focuses on the future of the industry as the system administration workforce is stretched to capacity and the demand for diverse skills increases. At LISA 2000, the tutorials, taught by leaders in their fields, will bring you up to speed with new skills or introduce you to the most advanced features of your favorite languages and tools. Refereed papers and invited talks offer insights into all areas of system administration. "Guru" and "Birds-of-a-Feather" sessions provide opportunities for individual advice and discussion.

In addition, the technical program has expanded with a new symposium track, focusing on two very specialized topics: Network Administration and Security. This new symposium track will highlight the trends, solutions, and breakthroughs in networking, security, and intrusion detection.

And, as always, the "hallway track" will be running for informal discussions with your peers and other experts in all areas of system administration.

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