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LISA 2002 - Technical Program Abstract

Network-based Intrusion Detection - Modeling for a Larger Picture

Atsushi Totsuka - Tohoku University Hidenari Ohwada - NTT, Tokyo Nobuhisa Fujita - Tohoku University Debasish Chakraborty - Tohoku University Glenn Mansfield Keeni - Cyber Solutions, Inc. Norio Shiratori - Tohoku University
Pp. 227-232 of the Proceedings of LISA '02: Sixteenth Systems Administration Conference,
(Berkeley, CA: USENIX Association, 2002).


The Internet is changing computing more than ever before. As the possibilities and the scopes are limitless, so too are the risks and chances of malicious intrusions. Due to the increased connectivity and the vast spectrum of financial possibilities, more and more systems are subject to attack by intruders. One of the commonly used method for intrusion detection is based on anomaly. Network based attacks may occur at various levels, from application to link levels. So the number of potential attackers or intruders are extremely large and thus it is almost impossible to ``profile'' entities and detect intrusions based on anomalies in host-based profiles. Based on meta-information, logical groupings has been made for the alerts that belongs to same logical network, to get a clearer and boarder view of the perpetrators. To reduce the effect of probably insignificant alerts a threshold technique is used.

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