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USENIX Technical Program - Large Installation Sys Admin of Windows NT Conference, 1998

Large Installation System Administration of Windows NT Conference, 1998
August 5-8, 1998
Seattle, Washington, USA


Thursday, August 6

Management and Monitoring
Session Chair: Chris Rouland, Lehman Brothers

Patch 32: A System for Automated Client OS Updates
Gerald Carter, Auburn University

Monitoring Utilization in an NT Workstation Lab
Paul Kranenburg, Erasmus University Rotterdam


Jointly Managing UNIX and NT
Session Chair: Mark Verber, WebTV

File System Security: Secure Network Data Sharing for NT and Unix
Bridget Allison, Rob Hawley, Andrea Borr, Mark Muhlestein, and Dave Hitz, Network Appliance
Presentation slides

NT 3.5 / 4.0 Domains for UNIX
Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton


Friday, August 7

Operating System and Software Installation
Session Chair: Richard Holland, Rockwell Collins, Inc.

AutoInstall for NT: Complete NT Installation Over the Network
Robert Fulmer and Alex Levine, Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs

A Comparison of Large-Scale Software Installation Methods on NT and UNIX
Michail Gomberg, Rémy Evard, and Craig Stacey, Argonne National Laboratory

Software Distribution to PC Clients in an Enterprise Network
Cameron D. Luerkens, H. John Cole, and Danielle R. Legg, Rockwell Collins, Inc.


Saturday, August 8

Architecture and Servers
Session Chair: Michael Carpenter, Collective Technologies

Compaq's New Engineering Compute Farm Environment: Moving Forward with Windows NT
Don Brace, Andrew Gordon, and Scott Teel, Compaq Computer Corporation

Designing an Optimized Enterprise Windows NT/95/98 Client Backup Solution With Intelligent Data Management
Kevin Workman, Earl Waud, Steven Downs, and Mikel Featherstone, Qualcomm Inc.

Providing Reliable NT Desktop Services by Avoiding NT Server
Thomas A Limoncelli, Robert Fulmer, Thomas Reingold, Alex Levine, and Ralph Loura, Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs


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