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Large Installation System Administration of Windows NT Conference, 1998
August 5-8, 1998
Seattle, Washington, USA


Thursday, August 6

Windows® Management Roadmap

Nikhil Joshi, Lead Program Manager, Storage Management, Microsoft Corporation
Tom Phillips, Group Program Manager, Windows NT Base, Microsoft Corporation

Windows NT - A New O/S that Architecturally Isn't So New

Mark Russinovich, Systems Internals

Slides from Dr. Russinovich's talk are not publicly available. Interested parties may contact him at, or visit his web site at

Friday, August 7

NT 5.0 Migration Strategies at Microsoft

Curt Cummings, NT 5.0 Project Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Bring the "Real" Internet to Windows NT

Bo Ahlberg, , NT 5.0 CTO, MetaInfo, Inc


Saturday, August 8

Windows NT Lights Out Operation Guide

Robert O'Brien, Internet Customer Unit, Microsoft Corporation
Current slides and docs are available at

Windows NT Administration: Change and Configuration Management

Dan Plastina, Group Program Manager, Windows NT Administration and System Management Server, Microsoft Coporation
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