NT 5.0 Migration Strategies at Microsoft


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Table of Contents

NT 5.0 Migration Strategies at Microsoft

ITG’s Project Organization

Our Environment

Microsoft’s Global Network

Data Center Objectives

Starting Off on a Major NT Implementation

Use What You’ve Got

Interoperability Servers & Workstations

Windows NT 5.0 ITG’s Networking Plan

Pick a Migration Approach

Microsoft’s Implementation Plan

Implementation Plan - continued

Implementation Plan - continued

ITG’s Windows NT 5.0 Timeline

Risk Mitigation

Now, a Little More Planning Detail

Namespace Design

ITG’s Implementation Current Domains

Layout Your Namespace

Inside Your Domains You Have Organizational Units

Organizational Units

Decide Which NT 5.0 Features Work Best in Your Environment

Tools for Your Environment

MMC with Group Policy Snap-In

Prep Your Current Environment

Server Architecture, Placement and Planning

Where To Place Servers

Gather Statistics on WAN Links and Prep for an Increase in Traffic

Help Operations/Support People Get Ready for the Change

What We Need To Migrate First

Don’t Forget, Compatibility with the Previous Environment is a Key Success Factor


How Policy works in DS

Author: Curt Cummings