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USENIX Technical Program - LISA-NT - August 2000

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LISA-NT -- The 3rd Large Installation System Administration of Windows NT Conference
July 30 - August 2, 2000
Seattle, Washington, USA


Tuesday, August 1

Windows 2000 Networking and Integration
Session Chair: Aeleen Frisch, Exponential Consulting

Providing Secure Access to Information Using the Internet
John Holmwood, TransCanada; Kevin Reichert, Alterna; Blaine Feniak, TransCanada

System Security Administration for NT
Harlan Carvey, Network Solutions

On Designing a Database for Integrated User Management: Pitfalls and Possibilities
Amy LaMeyer, Shankaranarayanan Ganesan, and Jesper M. Johansson, Boston University

Advanced Systems Management Topics
Session Chair: John Holmwood, TransCanada

Remote Windows NT Administration Using Windows CE Handheld Devices
Craig Stacey, Argonne National Laboratory

Kerberos Interoperability Issues
Paul B. Hill, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

NT5 and Samba Integration Issues
Luke K.C. Leighton, SAMBA Team

Wednesday, August 2

Windows 2000 in the Enterprise
Session Chair: Martin Sjölin, UBS

Enterprise Management of Windows NT Services
J. Nick Otto, Parikh Advanced Systems

Monitor an Enterprise of SQL Servers—Automating Management by Exception with Perl
Linchi Shea, Merrill Lynch & Co.

Automated Generic Operating System Installation and Maintenance
Joel D. Martin, Compaq Computer Corp.; Aaron D. Brooks, Taylor University

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