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2004 Linux Kernel Developers Summit
July 19-20, 2004
Ottawa Congress Centre
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Summary of Summit by Jonathan Corbet

For the fourth year, USENIX delivered the annual Linux Kernel Developers Summit, bringing together the core of the Kernel development team to plan the next phase of Linux Kernel development. Like past Summits, this developer-to-developer, two-day event delivered substantive technical sessions and workshops where developers and industry leaders readily shared and exchanged ideas. This event sought to further feature developments that bring Linux into Enterprise class and highly available computing environments.

Participation at the Summit was by invitation only.

Previous Summits

Program Chair: Theodore Ts'o

Andrea Arcangeli
Jonathon Corbet
Greg Kroah-Hartman
Steve Hemminger
Gerrit Huizenga
Robert Love
Rik van Riel
Stephen Tweedie

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