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JVM '01, April 23-24, 2001, Monterey, California

An Invitation from the Program Chair

Dear Colleague,

When most people hear about Java technology, they think about the cool gadgets and maybe the big servers out on the Net. Of course there's more to the picture than that. The keystone of the Java platform, in all its incarnations, is the Java virtual machine.

Java has come a long way in its first eight years of life. This new Java™ Virtual Machine Research and Technology Symposium will show you where Java VM stands today, and where it will be heading tomorrow.

This first Symposium will have two days of technical presentations, featuring an excellent selection of papers from around the world. We will be diving under the covers of the latest academic and experimental virtual machines and garbage collectors. Among the hot topics:

  • Advanced VM Techniques
  • Just-in-Time Compilers
  • Distributed VMs
  • Real-Time VMs

The Keynote speech comes from the tag-team that brought out the Real-Time Specification. Dr. Greg Bollella, Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems, Inc., and Dr. David Hardin, Chief Technologist at aJile Systems, Inc., will explain just how the Real-Time Spec provides a platform for predictable program execution.

If you want a place to talk technical and to network with other JVM implementers, join us in Monterey on April 23rd and 24th, 2001.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Saul Wold photo
Saul Wold
For the Program Committee,

Saul Wold
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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