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  This form allows you to submit a paper for the Java Virtual Machine Research & Technology Symposium, April 21-23, 2001 to be held in Monterey, California. The form asks for the following information:
  • The full contact details of one author who will act as the primary contact for this paper.
  • The full list of authors: you must supply the first name, the last name and the affiliation of each author.
  • Which, if any, of the authors are full-time students.
  • You will be asked to upload full papers using the Web file upload mechanism. We know that certain browsers do not support file upload, but alternative upload mechanisms are complicated, and we wish to make this operation as painless as possible for most people. If your browser does not support file upload, We are sure that you will be able to get access to a browser that does.
Your uploaded file should be in PDF or PostScript.
PDF appears to be the safest and most portable way of moving text page images from one place to another. You should format your original page for US Letter size. We prefer submission in PDF. PDF files are detected by examining the first PDF characters of the file, if they are '%PDF' then file is assumed to be in PDF format.
PostScript, these days, is often very non-portable. You should take care to format the page for US Letter size, and ensure that all the portability switches are turned on if you are using a Windows platform.

If you have all this information available, the press Submit to start the registration process.

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